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Pet Sitting Available

Most of the Rafting NL team are proud pet owners, and we totally understand that your pet is part of your family and also deserves a vacation!

Clay, a proud member of the Rafting NL family!

Unfortunately whitewater rafting is just not suitable for your furry companions, so we cannot accommodate dogs on our rafting trips. Instead, we have local Venturer Scouts (15-18yrs) that volunteer to come to our property to watch friendly dogs while you’re on the river!

Our volunteers are very experienced with dogs, and each have their own at home. There is no set price, instead they accept a donation for Scouts Canada. Donations are typically $20-40, but anything at all is appreciated.

The Scouts are fundraising for a very special trip to Europe next summer to visit WWI & WWII memorials and to participate in an international Scout Jamboree.

Just make sure to request the pet-sitting service in advance when you book!

Here are just a few of our happy customers from the 2021 season!

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