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Welcome Hassan to Rafting NL!

Hassan Kanoli grew up on the River Nile in a small village in Uganda, Africa. He saw local rafting companies running trips with tourists at a young age and knew this is was his dream. He asked a friend who was a kayaker with a company to teach him how to kayak. His natural skill was noticed and he competed for and won a position with Nile River Explorers. He started out as a safety kayaker and was quickly promoted to Raft Guide in 2010. He has been guiding tourists from all over the world on grade 3, 4, and 5 whitewater rapids on the River Nile for over ten years.

Over the years, he has picked up the skills to tandem kayak and river board. In 2010, Hassan was rated the #1 kayaker at the Uganda kayaking competition where he competed in racing and freestyle against competitors from around the world. Hassan is known for his quiet demeanour, dry wit, and expert knowledge. He is always calm and steady on the water. He reassures his clients and takes special care to ensure everyone is safe and having fun!

Hassan moved to NL in 2020 where he currently lives with his wife and two children. He loves the friendly people here and dies for a bit of salt beef! Hassan is excited to be joining the team at Rafting NL and looks forward to meeting new people and giving them the best day ever on the river.

Want to see Hassan in action?? Check out this video from Kayak the Nile Rafting Competition in 2019 where he won for the biggest waves and flips!

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